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Amphenol Part No.Description
000-49000-SRFXN-type Str. Plug, Solder Cup, Panel Mount, 50 Ohm
082-202-RFXN-type Str. Clamp Plug For Rg-8, 50 Ohm
082-24Ug-58/u,n-type Str. Jack,solder Cup,panel Mount
082-3202Ug-21e/u,n-type Str. Clamp Plug
082-340N Cr Pl Rg8,213,m39012/01b0007
082-340-1054N-type Str. Crimp Plug For Belden 9913 And 9914
082-5375-RFXN-type Str. Cr. Plug
082-5378-RFXN-type Str. Cr. Jack For Rg-58,rg-141,rg-142,bh
082-5722-RFXN-type Resistor Term. Plug, 1 Watt, 1%, 50 Ohm
082-5955-RFXN-type Str. Clamp Plug For .141 Semi-rigid
082-5988-1000N-type R/a Crimp Plug For Rg-214, Rg-393
082-5993Type N Plug
082-5994N B/h Jack
082-6101-RFXN-type Str. Solder Jack, Round Post, Panel Mount
082-6152N-type Str. Crimp Plug For Rg-8, Lmr-240, 50 Ohm
082-63-RFXN-type Str. Clamp Jack For Rg-214, 50 Ohm
082-66Ug-30/u,adapter,n Type To N Type Jack,bh,ip-67
082-805Ug-560/u,hn-type Str. Jack,solder Cup,panel Mount
082-97Ug-58a/u,n-type Str. Solder Jack,solder Cup

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