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Amphenol Part No.Description
4F28802Ring Nut/ecrou (fr)
901-10003Sma (f) End Launch Pc Mount
901-10005Sma Plug To 1.0/2.3 Jack Adapt
901-10011Sma Plug For Twb 2401 Cable
901-10013-RFXSma Blkhd Jack/oring For Rg316
901-10019Sma Jack End Launch Pc Mt..032
901-10024-RFXSma Crimp Plug For Rd316 Cable
901-10040-1Sma Jack Pcb Mount 2 Legs
901-10198Sma Female To Afi Female Test Adapter
901-10199Sma (f) To Afi (m) Adapter
901-125-11Sma R/a P-j Adaptor
901-125-11SFSma R/a P-j Adapter
901-143Sma R/a Pcb Jack
901-144Sma(j) Pcb Receptacle
901-144-10Sma Pcb Receptacle
901-144-2Sma Female Pcb Recept
901-144-4Sma Pcb Receptacle
901-144-8RFXSma-straight Pcb Recptacle
901-9220Sma Jack Receptacle
901-9221-1ASma R/a Plug

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