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Amphenol Part No.Description
031-217Ug-349a/u, Adapter, N Type Jack To Bnc Plug
031-219Rf Adapter, Ug-914/u, Bnc Jack To Bnc Jack
031-219-75Adapter, Bnc Jack To Bnc Jack, 75 Ohm
031-220HUg-492a/u, Adapter, Bnc To Bnc Jack, Pres., Bh
031-28Ug-273/u, Adapter, Uhf Plug To Bnc Jack, 50 Ohm
031-6101Adapter, Amc Jack To Tnc Rp Jack, Panel Mount
082-100Rf Adapter, Ug-57b/u, N Type Plug To N Type Plug
082-213Adapter,ug-27c/u,n Type Jack To N Type Plug,r/a
083-185Rf Connector, Uhf Reducing Adapter For Rg-58
083-1APRf Adapter, Uhf Plug To Uhf Jack, R/a
1232076A1-P151.0/2.3 Adapter Plug To Plug U-link
1564077A1-N/3GT3G-751.6/5.6-y-adapter Plug/jack/plug
615X-2045-400Afi To Sma Adapter
901-10006Adapter, Sma Jack To 1.0/2.3 Plug, 50 Ohm
901-10007Sma Plug To 1.0/2.3 Plug Adapt
901-10008Sma Jack To 1.0-2.3 Jack Adapt
901-10097Adapter, Amc Jack To Sma Rp Jack, Bh, 50 Ohm
901-10097-XHSma Adapter White Bronze
901-294Adapter, Sma Jack To N Type Plug, 50 Ohm
930-100A-51SAdapter, Qma Jack To Sma Jack, 50 Ohm

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